You can configure the QPM's security options, personal information, and autofill settings in the Setting menu.

Enhance Security

You can increase the security of the login information through the Enhance Security menu.

  • Change PIN : QPM requires a PIN when you start the app or transmit your login information. If you want to change your PIN number, you can do so in this section.
  • Biometric authentication : You can secure your login information by enabling biometric authentication. QPM will prompt you for biometric authentication when you use your login details.
  • When to use biometric authentication : You can enable or disable biometric authentication for each funtion below.

Personal Information

If you store your personal information in the QPM app, it will automatically fill in your personal information when creating a new account on apps or websites.
You can edit your personal information by selecting 'Edit' button below.

App-to-App Autofill

QPM's App-to-App Autofill feature will automatically input your login information into mobile applications.

  • In an iOS environment, QPM's login information will appear above your keyboard. Select the relevant login information to input it into the app.
  • In an Android (AOS) environment, QPM will appear within the login input field. Select the login information you want to use in the app. You can change QPM to display above the keyboard by adjusting the 'Autofill Prompt Position.'
  • Autofill prompts position : When you try to log in to an application, QPM Autofill will display the relevant login information above your keyboard.
    Copy One-Time Password : When using two-factor authentication with QPM, OTP is automatically copied to clipboard when the user selects an autofill data to complete forms.
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