List - OTP Setting


When a website or app requires two-factor authentication, you can set up OTP authentication using the QPM app.

Setting up

Select 'OTP' as the two-factor authentication method on the website or app you want to log in to.
An OTP registration QR code will be generated by the website for registering the OTP app.
Choose OTP settings in the relevant login information for the website in the QPM app.
Scan the OTP registration QR code using QPM app according to the instructions of the website.
Enter the 6-digit OTP code that QPM made on the website to register the QPM app as your OTP authentication app.

How to use QPM OTP

When the website requests an OTP code, enter the 6-digit OTP code in the QPM app, which is located next to the relevant login information.

Resetting OTP 

If you need to reset QPM's OTP on a website, you can do so by selecting the three dots on the right side of the login information. This allows you to re-register or delete the OTP generation key.



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